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YouSat is a new-age platform that allows content creators to showcase their videos on satellite TV! Our feed also runs live on Facebook and our website for our global audience. With YouSat, you can upload videos free of cost to any of our segments in a few simple steps. Not just that, we offer monetization prospects to our dedicated contributors who air exclusive videos on YouSat TV and share up to 60% of the ad revenue generated from their videos or chosen segments. Upload videos to stream and check out our YouSat Pack Program to enroll!


1. Send us a link to your Channel or Page so we can download your videos and air them, or send links to specific videos that you want us to download and air.

2. Or upload your videos directly. Choose the segment to which your video belongs.

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Music Videos & Performances.


Film and filmmaking related productions.


Showcase your moves - all dance styles welcome.


Health and fitness for the mind, body and soul.


Informative and educational content on all subjects.


Let us see our beautiful planet through your eyes.


Share your life with the world.


Videos related to food and cooking.


Reports about arts, food, countries, news and more.


Unexplained phenomena, paranormal experiences, and conspiracy theories.


Videos related to technology, gadgets and DIY.


Self-help, life coaching, or causes and issues that you would like to chare with the world.


Advice from business experts and entrepreneurs.


Funny videos including standup comedy, sketches, etc.


All cartoons and children's programs.


For all videos that do not fit into any other category.


Fashion trends and tutorials (hair, makeup, jewellery and clothing).


The newest segment on YouSat TV, creating the biggest TV airspace for extreme sports.

Your Path to Success

YouSat currently broadcasts on satellite TV in full HD to the entire MENA region and parts of Asia and Europe. We also run live on their Facebook page and website. With such an extensive audience base, it provides content creators with a unique opportunity to connect with their targeted audience. In addition, our content creators can easily share video files with us that we air on various segments. They can also share links to their social media or Youtube channels, and we will download their videos from the channel itself. Since we get notified of their new uploads, we can automatically place their videos on air. Each segment is dedicated to a genre and has exclusive airtime, offering all our contributors equal opportunities to shine.

We offer easy uploading options to all our content contributors. You can choose to send video online through our direct upload option or share video online with link. You can also share the link to your channel or page, and our executives will download your videos for you and air them in their respective segments. YouSat makes rising to fame a cakewalk!

YouSat runs in full HD and provides the best streaming experience to its viewers. All our content contributors share their videos with us in HD to facilitate their audience’s viewing experience. Our content delivery network is phenomenal and can easily support our scaling requirements. All you need to do to see yourself on TV is share a video or the link to your channel with us! 

YouSat TV allows you to upload exclusive videos online free of cost and shares up to 60% of its ad revenue from the videos or segment. YouSat’s Pack Program provides monetary support to our contributors to help them keep the flow going. If an advertiser chooses a particular segment to run their ads, all featured contributors who only air exclusive videos in that segment receive a share of the 60% ad revenue on a pro-rata basis. 

Upload Videos - Your Guide

Via Links

Upload videos free of cost by simply sending us the links, and we will air your video for you! You can also share the link of your channel or page, and we will download your videos to air them in their respective segments. If you want to share specific videos, we suggest you upload video direct link here! We suggest this option for creators with established channels or pages as it will allow our executives to air the content in greater demand. If your channel has videos for various segments, you can send us your channel’s link, and our executives will air your videos in their respective segments. Upload your content now; your audience awaits!

Direct Upload

Our direct upload option is an easy way to share video files with us. You can choose between the segments and upload videos to share directly to the segment itself. You can send video online with ease with our direct upload option. We suggest our direct upload option for budding content creators with limited videos. Share video online free of cost with YouSat’s direct upload option now!