We are a group of young professionals who appreciate art, creativity, and everyone’s freedom to dream big. We believe in a better world where everyone has a fair and equal opportunity to express themselves, showcase their talent, be discovered, and embark on the journey to success, regardless of their social connections, financial status, or limited resources. And that is why we decided to redefine our current reality on our own terms. So we launched the unique idea of YouSat, the likes of which was not heard of before; YouSat’s “upload to TV” concept is the first fusion between the Internet and TV in media history, making YouSat the biggest step since the emergence of Social Media. 

YouSat is the next evolutionary step in Television Consumerism; It is the first ever satellite channel that enables anyone to upload their videos on its website and it broadcasts them on Satellite TV, in full HD, reaching hundreds of millions of homes in the Middle East, North Africa, and beyond! And only in three simple steps; Film, Upload, Watch! And the best part is, it’s all at absolutely no cost to the user. 

YouSat launched on September 1st, 2020, and it is currently broadcasting to the entire MENA region on TV, and to the entire world on its LiveStream via its Website, Facebook Page, and YouTube Channel. By 2021, YouSat will also be broadcasting on TV to the Americas, the European Union, Africa, and Asia.

Whether it is your independent film or documentary, your Vlog, your music video, your standup comedy, your initiatives for positive change, your educational content, your makeup tutorial, your cooking video, your latest technology reviews, your health advice, or even your encounter with the supernatural – YouSat is your platform and the opportunities are endless!

We believe that each individual has a personal story to tell, an experience to share, an idea to spread, or a thought to communicate, all of which might change their lives or other people’s lives, if communicated to the right audience at the right time. YouSat provides that platform and opportunity. You upload to us your videos. we broadcast them to the world without any charges. And so we allow your voice to freely transcend geographical and societal borders, reaching hundreds of millions inside the comfort of their own homes.

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How YouSat Works

You upload your videos on our website, choose the segment that your videos belong to, and we will broadcast them on Satellite TV at absolutely no cost to you. 


You will be able to see on our schedule when your content will be broadcasted, so you can make sure all the people who are important to you are watching.

Also you can send us a link from which we can download your content and broadcast it directly on our Satellite Channel. 

YouSat allows all content creators to keep their online platforms’ watermark on any video they broadcast on YouSat, and it allows them to promote their online channels and pages during or after everytime their videos air on YouSat.

Also as an appreciation for our dedicated content contributors, YouSat is happy to unveil its YouSat Pack Program, where we give them up to 60% of the AD Revenue from the ads displayed during their exclusive content’s airtime!

*Requests for regular slots in any of YouSat’s segments are welcome. For regular slots requests contact us at or +46766016116 (available also on WhatsApp).



For your video to be accepted and broadcasted on YouSat TV, you must make sure that it includes:

NO hate speech.
NO pornographic material.
NO actual violence or abuse.
NO copyrighted material.
NO political or religious speech.


Please make sure your video is set to the following settings.

If you do not upload according to these settings unfortunately we might not be able to broadcast your video!

  • 1920×1080
  • H264
  • -8 db
  • Pal
  • 16:9 or 4:3

Mission Statement

We believe that talent and creativity should not be shackled by financial restraints, social connections, or restricted access to opportunities and resources. Our mission is to allow talents, creativity, and inspiring ideas to be freely expressed and communicated despite limitations.


Success Stories

Inspire millions to live their dream! Share with the world how broadcasting your video on YouSat helped you embark on your journey to success! 


Our Commitments

In front of every hungry child in the world, there is a person who has taken more than his right. In front of every untreated patient, there is a rich person who does not care about the affairs of the human beings around them.

We at YouSat do not accept to stand idly by in front of the hungry, the sick without treatment, and the homeless without shelter. 

Therefore, one of our commitments at YouSat is to use the resources available to us in order to help the world’s poorest people, by building hospitals, providing housing, and providing food. 

By watching YouSat, broadcasting your videos on YouSat, or advertising on YouSat, you would be contributing in one way or another to development projects that could change the lives of and help the world’s poorest people. 

Join us in changing the lives of the less fortunate in our world.

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