YouSat For Creators!

Becoming a content creator was never this easy! YouSat brings you a platform that airs your videos for free on satellite TV and even lets you earn money for it! We feature all creators, from renowned social media content creators to creators who are just starting. 



Our section focused on maintaining wellness and health with content ranging from medical advice to best health practices.


Our tech segment is entirely dedicated to tech reviews, gadget information, DIY projects, inventions, and more.


With our YouCook segment, you can enjoy endless content about healthy recipes or top kitchen maintenance tips and tricks. In addition, YouSat gives you a chance to start your own cooking show!


Who doesn’t love fashion, makeup, and everything related to beauty and style? Well, our YouStyle segment is the place for you if you are one of the beauty or fashion social media content creators!


Our world is constantly evolving, and so are we! Our YouChange segment features issues ranging from climate change and gender equality to self-help topics. It’s your time to inspire others!


If you have advice for your budding entrepreneurs, YouSell is the segment for you! Our segment also features tutorials, innovative ideas, and so much more.


It’s never too late to learn something new! Our YouTeach segment is for our creators who have a lot to share with our audience. Enjoy endless content full of interactive learning with our special segment.


If you are an adventure lover, extreme sports are your niche. Then, YouThrill is the segment for you. Create content for the website and broadcast it to a global audience.


A sanctuary for avid vloggers! All you need to do to feature in our YouVlog segment is send us the link to your channel or upload your videos directly through our upload video page.


Do people compliment you for your wit? Well, our YouLaugh segment is full of comedy videos from top comic social media content creators!


Our YouReport segment features news reports, art videos, documentaries, and other information videos. If you have a keen interest in sharing what’s new with the world, this is your segment!


Our longest-running segment is for filmmakers, podcast creators, and other creators for similar projects.


Gaming is a rising industry with numerous social media content creators. Our YouPlay segment features YaLLa Esports- a leading Esports platform in the Middle East and Northern Africa!


YouRock is a segment dedicated to music and music-related videos. If you are a singer or love music and have innovative content ideas, this is the segment for you.


Our dance segment features the best dance performances from our top contributors. From tutorials to dancing clips, we feature it all!


Our YouSpace segment is dedicated to all videos that do not fit into any other segment. Therefore, this segment can be your safe space if you have a creative idea that is not restricted to a particular segment.


Our YouFO segment is dedicated to conspiracies, cover-ups, supernatural phenomena, mysteries, and more.


YouTravel is a segment for all creators struck with wanderlust. Featuring top travel destinations and various travel videos, this is the best segment to explore our beautiful planet.


YouSat recognizes the potential TV channels hold, and our YouToons segment is dedicated to interactive videos for our little viewers. This segment is also apt for you if you are a cartoonist and interested in developing kids’ programs.

YouSat- Your Guide

3 Steps to becoming a content creator!

Learn about your audience

Once you select your niche, it becomes essential to know about your targeted audience. This will help you in understanding their preferences and create content for the website.

Choose a platform

The next step is to select a medium to run your content. Choosing a platform with a great audience base like YouSat will significantly increase your reach.

Understand your style

Your content is an extension of yourself. Therefore, all content creators need to understand their style and cultivate it in line with their preferences. Of course, your audience’s preference does play a part, but your style will distinguish you from other creators.

Lead with content. Usher your growth.