Music Is The Road To People’s Hearts!  


The biggest music video tournament on the planet is here! If you desire to showcase your musical talents to the world, Battle Of The Rock is the tournament for you. All of our contestants are selected based on the videos they submit to our website. So, what are you waiting for? Get set and record! 

What can Battle Of The Rock do for You? 

  • Showcase your talent 

Not everyone gets a chance to showcase their talent to the right audience, and high-profile Western and MENA region judges. Battle of the Rock is a music video contest that will allow you to put your music out there. 

  • Connect with your audience

Our music video contest gives you a chance to connect with your audience. Watching you at the front and center, your audience will be able to better resonate with your music and enjoy it with you. 

  • Challenge to yourself

Not everyone who enters a competition wins, but each participant learns a lot. Music video contests like Battle of the Rock, will act as a stepping stone into outgrowing yourself and your competitors. 

  • Growth 

Battle of the Rock will serve as a platform to test your ideas. If you have a killer music plan, it is the best stage to test it out. Our diverse set of judges and audience will help you grow your music! 

  • Puts you in the spotlight

Every artist craves fame. Battle Of The Rock allows you to express your talents, widen the scope of your music, and test your limits. Know how it feels to be in the spotlight! 

How does Battle of the Rock work?


Battle of the Rock works in six stages. 

  • Stage one is a 32 vs. 32 battle.
  • Stage two is a 16 vs. 16 battle.
  • The Sweet Sixteen is an 8 vs. 8 battle. 
  • The Elite eight is a 4 vs. 4 battle.
  • The Final Four has a 2 vs. 2 battle.
  • The championship is the final battle between the chosen 2! 

Participate in the Hottest Music Video Contest! 


64 contestants are chosen from the YouSat family before the start of the competition. Their initial submissions are made through our website, and each contestant enters the contest with one music video. These music videos can be switched with a new one at the start of each stage. However, a contestant can also use the same music video throughout. 

YouSat’s Battle Of The Rock Winner gets:

  • A Gold Trophy
  • $10,000 
  • Production for a music video by YouSat
  • Promotional campaigns on social media and TV 
  • Bragging rights for the entire YouRock season 

1st Runner Up gets a Silver Trophy 

2nd Runner Up gets a Bronze Trophy

Fan Prizes 

  • Fans get to record their reaction videos to the Battles, and the best reaction video gets $500. These reaction videos will also be aired throughout the music video contest. 


  • There will also be special offers, giveaways, promotions, and much more during the contest, so keep checking in! 


  • YouSat will air shout-outs and updates from your favorite contestants throughout the tournament. 


The F.L.A.S.H system 

Our unique F.L.A.S.H system will have each judge grade each contestant after every round. The points will be then tallied, and the contestant with the most points across the five tiers mentioned below will get to move on to the next stage. Let’s get judging! 



How forceful is your music video? We will rank you based on the various values a great music video needs. From story, execution, and style to the theme, visuals, and density, we will look for EVERYTHING! 



Lyrics form the base for any song. Your music tells a story, and we see if you know how to tell it right! 



The beats to your songs are what get your audience’s hands up in the air. Does your music have the match to spark the fire in your audience’s heart? We’ll find out! 



Your performance will set the stage for you. Your music alone will not stand; your performance of your piece will give it the soul. 



Lastly, how much do your fans adore you? Have you been able to get through to your audience? Do you have it in you to lighten up the hearts of the people around you? Show us! 

YouSat brings you a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity with the greatest music video tournament! What are you waiting for? Get your cameras ready and start recording to enter Battle Of The Rock- a global platform with endorsements from numerous A-listers and high-profile celebrities. 

In the Now

Battle Of The Rock is BACK and with a BANG!

Send in your entries before November 15, 2021, to enter the HOTTEST Music Battle of all times. This is your time to shine!

The HOTTEST Music Competition in the MENA Region! Let’s get ready to Rock!
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