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YouSat is transforming television consumerism with its one-of-a-kind satellite channel that allows content creators to broadcast their videos to millions of viewers. We are not like your everyday video streaming sites; we feature your content on TV for FREE!  

Our free satellite channel is a fusion between the internet and TV; All you have to do is pick a category, film a video, and upload it. Or, you can simply send us the link to your social media or Youtube channel, and we will download the videos to place them on the broadcast schedule. This is a convenient option for content creators with active channels as we can automatically pick their new uploads.

Apart from TV, our channel is broadcasted live on our website for anyone worldwide to view. Our platform is open to all forms of content, be it an independent film, music video, vlog, tutorial, educational content, advice, proposal video, or anything and everything! 

Simply send us your links or upload the videos yourself, and let’s get your voice heard!

Global Delivery Of Your Content With YouSat! 

  • User-friendly platform 

YouSat offers ease of broadcasting through our easy uploading options. You can send us your links or directly upload the videos to our website. All you need is a video and an internet connection to showcase your work to millions. We are the best video upload site offering free unlimited video hosting! 

  • Extensive reach 

Our platform is available on satellite TV in full HD across the entire MENA region and parts of Europe and Asia. We also stream live for the whole world on our website. We offer a greater audience potential compared to video streaming sites. Geographical and size constraints are no longer in your way; stream away! 

  • High-quality video streams

YouSat’s exemplary content delivery network is highly sophisticated and allows high-quality video streaming. Our systems have been tested to work perfectly without any technical glitches. With YouSat, your videos will be viewed seamlessly in HD. 

  • Video monetization 

We offer the “YouSat Pack Program” that allows our dedicated content creators to earn through their exclusive videos and share up to 60% of AD revenue displayed during their airtime. We are one of the few video upload sites that let their broadcasters earn through their videos. 

  • Secure streaming experience 

YouSat’s expert video streaming technology offers a secure broadcasting experience. We have security measures in place to safeguard our viewers and broadcasters alike. With YouSat, content creators experience safe and free broadcasting. 

Free Unlimited Video Hosting In 3 Simple Steps!

  • Step 1 

Pick a category and select a niche. 

  • Step 2

Create a video of any form to air on one of the best free satellite channels. 

  • Step 3

Upload high-quality video to our website or share the link with us here

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