Ready to Play?


Welcome to all players & fans of the Mr.YousatGame

I’m the Frontman.

You have all put in hard day’s of work & for that, this page will serve as a guide to help you in the games & activities to come.

The Rules are Simple, Triangles are chosen by YouSat to enter into the game and circles are those who request to play in the game and squares are leaders. Regardless if you’re a triangle or circle or square, you must complete the activities given to you in time. If you pass, you’ll continue in the game. If you fail, you’ll be eliminated by our guard. Players are welcome to leave the game at any time, but you’re only eligible for re-entry once, or you can request a replacement. The Mr. YouSat Game will run throughout the duration of October during YouSat’s segment “YouFO” and the winner will be announced on October 31st, 2021. The more players you bring into the game, the bigger the prize will become. Players enter at own risk.

The Prize grows bigger with every new player joining the game 

Networking and communication is key! Bring in as many people as you can and make the price larger for yourself once you win.

Rules of the Game

All participants are required to abide by the rules of the game. Any breaking of the rules listed below will cause the participant to receive a warning. Each participants have only 1 chance, on the second failing they will be eliminated.


Rule #1

Players are invited or can volunteer.


Players must pass activities to enter or continue.


Players who fail the activities are eliminated. Players who pass the activities, move on.


rule #4

Players allowed one re-entry.


Rule #5

Each player added to the game increases the prize.


ALL players must follow #mryousatgame on Instagram & YouSat official IG.


Players may leave the game at any time.


rule #8

Players do not ask the Frontman about anything other than the Instructions of activities.


Rule #9

Players enter at their own risk.

RULE #10

Players enter at their own risk.

How to join?


Congratulations to you all, the trend has begun & the prize is getting bigger!

Always remember Rule #5 & #7 & And stay up to date with all the latest of #mryousatgame right here, and on all our official social media accounts.



  • agsdi-squareLeaders
  • agsdi-triangleSoldiers
  • agsdi-circleHelpers