YoBoHo specializes in creating and distributing digital-first content. It is home to the massively popular brand, HooplaKidz, featuring Annie, Ben, and Mango, which has been entertaining kids with songs and learning videos since 2010. Apart from HooplaKidz, which is a world leader in digital family entertainment YoBoHo is also the creator of many other IPs namely Annie & Ben, Kent The Elephant, All Babies Channel, KidsCamp, Teehee Town, and Chiki Art.

HooplaKidz TV

HooplaKidz TV is a complete package curated for kids, intending to keep them engaged with safe and quality entertainment along with innovative education.


There’s a whole new pleasure in watching your kid groove to some great music. HooplaKidz TV promises the little ones a fun musical journey with nursery rhymes and popular songs.


Learning becomes a fun process if it involves interesting characters teaching innovatively. HooplaKidz TV encourages kids to learn new preschool concepts whilst having a whole lot of fun!


Kids are filled with infinite curiosity. HooplaKidz TV enables the little ones to explore the fun side of life through creativity, travel, and music.