The YouSat YoUnion.

The Strongest Alliance in the Entertainment Industry. 

The YouSat YoUnion is an Alliance of Filmmakers, Singers, Entertainers, Influencers and Artists of all kinds.  Members of the YouSat YoUnion all agree that in numbers lies Strength.  Together the YoUnion will enter into collective bargaining with corporations and companies that so often do not respect individual artist rights or give them proper dues.  Together the YoUnion will ensure stability in wages, and open doors of new opportunities through new connections, all while protecting the rights and integrity and reputation of the artist.  The YoUnion will act as a representation in negotiations, a marketing agency, management firm, and a friend above all, introducing the artist to all of the YoUnion’s friends and members around the world.  If you are looking to join the world’s largest and fastest growing YoUnion of content creators and influencers, then look no further, welcome to the YoUnion.

Authorization for Representation
I, the undersigned, authorize YouSat Corp. to represent me with companies, brands, individuals or parties interested in hiring me in any capacity.