YouSat Original Programs

Mr. YouSat 

With Mohy Yasser & Ahmed Yasser

YouSat’s first Original Series  hosted by Mohy Yasser (Sadeem’s 2019 best arab content creator) and his brother Ahmed Yasser. This program is unique and very well could be one of the best independent series of 2021; considering Mohy & Ahmed’s charisma, interviewing & editing skills – not to mention the in-depth, up-close and personal look at content creators in Egypt; such as rappers Mr. Kordy, TattooTwon, MC Amin… singers Vli Weezy, Ahmed Yasser, May Abd el Aziz, Nesma Herky, Ahmed Yasser, Sayed El Adamy – producer Muhammad el Alfy, makeup artist Abdallah Enawy, comedians Youssef Ahmed, Kiro Fawzy, Waleed Mostafa, filmmaker Hassan Reda, and more!



Msh Bel 7ozoz” has become an Egyptian anthem that is being chanted throughout the MENA Region. This music video was directed by Codemedia Production and POWERED BY YOUSAT TV; accumulating nearly 10 MILLION Views in only three months. Afroto has been trending in the TOP 5 of all major streaming platforms; such as YouTube, Deezer, Anghami, Spotify and more!
Afroto has risen to superstar status – surpassing many artists in 2021! The production quality of Code Media, mixed with the professionalism of Ra2sMal Records, along with YouSat TV sponsoring the video and standing behind the team’s marketing strategy, has led to great success for all three companies. People from all around the world are filming their reactions to the music video! This is certainly one of the big hits of 2021!
YouSat TV will continue working with artists from all over the region, to prove that not only do we care the most about ensuring you’re performing at your best and getting the best exposure, but to prove once and for all that there is no other TV channel like YouSat and that we are the #1 TV channel for MENA Music artists.

Code Media production x Ra2s Mal Records

Produced By:
Omar Emad

Powered by:
YouSat TV

Abo El Anwar | Mmmm Mmmm (Official Music Video)

Produced by LIL BABA

Powered by YOUSAT TV

YouSat finds success in its second music video sponsorship, another top-trending hit, this time from Abo El Anwar – member of the Egyptian group Mexico. Code Media’s director Youssef Mahros shined again, with another amazing video shoot.

Abo El Anwar | “Mmmm Mmmm” (Official Music Video)
Produced by Lil Baba
Powered by YOUSAT TV

Written and performed by: Abo El Anwar

Management : R productions

[email protected]

Music production/ Mixing and mastering:
Lil baba

Produced by: code media production

Director: Youssef Mahros
DOP: Omar Haitham
Producer: Yazan Ibrahim
Co director: Youssef Osama
Editing and vfx: Omar Tarek
Mohamed Adel
Coloring by new black
Colorist: Nour el Mekkawi
Executive producer: Nour Mouwafy
Gaffer: Said Gohar
Art director: salah tarek
Ammar Youssef
Artwork: Ahmed Moussa

King of the Hill

With Mark Hill

Hosted by 4-time Award winning Music producer Mark Hill, who co-wrote and produced for Craig David and part of the Artful Dodger. In this 30 minute weekly program, Mark reviews the biggest and hottest artists in the MENA Music scene and the West – and judges between their videos to determine who will be that week’s “King of the Hill” on YouSat TV.


Da Baba Show 

With Lebanese Producer, Beat maker, DJ and MC “Hamorabi”

Exclusive program “Da Baba Show” with Lebanese rapper & beat maker Hamorabi is getting a lot of traction and attention – with his knowledge on hip hop culture and his interviews with big Western Rap celebrities, including Eminem’s former group D12’s Bizarre & kuniva.

Hamorabi was raised under the sounds of the 90s/2000’s | Influenced by Timbaland, Nottz and Eric Sermon; inspired by James Brown and Baligh Hamdi. Hamorabi creates from his experiences and his life a unique Hip Hop. He is considered as one of the pioneers of the Levant scene and the Arab Hip Hop scene. He has a style of his own and now he has a Podcast of his own on YouSat TV. His weekly podcast Da Baba Show is a 30 minute program, packed with all the latest of music in the MENA Region, plus interviews with some of the biggest rappers and singers in the MENA and the world – plus social issues and a wide array of topics. Hamorabi keeps the attention of his viewers from the beginning till the end.

Battle of the Rock

Battle of the Rock, the only music competition to happen during the Covid Pandemic in December of 2020. YouSat managed to gather 64 of MENA’s talented Music artists and put them in a first ever “Music Video Tournament” which was judged by some big celebrity names, such as Rappers & Entrepreneurs Xzibit, Coolio, NaNa, music producer Mark Hill, Big Hass, Dj Swami, and more – and who could forget long-time Egyptian composer Helmy Bakr, which peaked the curiosity and opinions of many in the MENA music scene. The 2021 Battle of the Rock will have more stunning celebrity judges, bigger prizes, bigger exposure. 


In 2021 “Battle of the Rock” Music Video Tournament

YouSat TV’s 2nd Annual, 64 contestants will be chosen from the MENA Region to submit & qualify for the tournament. The Tournament begins Dec. 01, 2021 & will last the entire month of December… the Finals will take place & the winner will be announced on New Year’s Eve Dec 31, 2021.

* Three Judges

* Celebrity Judges from the MENA Region & the West

* Interviews

* Big Cash Prizes

* Music Video Production

* Winner also gets collaboration with big artist in the West