YouSat is proud to be the people’s channel!

This is a fact that we have felt ever since we launched onto the airwaves.

In just six short weeks since our launch, our YouTimes schedule has been filled with the exciting work of content creators who have shared their talents with us, a bouquet of truly talented and one of a kind stars!

We witnessed the Lebanese “Dabka” folk dance taking place on their streets; We listened to the Moroccan “Mawal” filmed on the breathtaking planes; we moved to the lively beats of Algerian and Tunisian rap; we watched short movies and reports from Palestine; we learned from scientific experiments and health advice.

We ate and traveled with bloggers; from Dubai to Sharm ElSheikh; we attended weddings in Kuwait; we heard stories and tales from Yemen; we learned the Pakistani dances; and we tasted the Indian cuisine; then we burst out laughing with the Egyptians.

And soon after, the rest of the world began to follow…

That’s when we realised that we have not come together as human beings for a long time, to enjoy the beauty of human expression when we have the opportunity to unleash our creativity; when our talent is appreciated regardless of economic limitations; when our voices are heard across geographical boundaries.  And here, in the midst of this gathering, where all of our differences have been dissolved, we realised the greatness of what has happened.

In just a few short weeks, together, we were able to accomplish, what no other media platform was ever able to do.

And we are just getting started.

Hilda Khalife

Hilda Khalife is the most famous Lebanese TV personality in the Arab World and the former host of Star Academy.  Hilda, host of the 2020 El Gouna Film Festival, announces her support for YouSat.

Watch the video here

Lance Bass 

American singer and actor Lance Bass, most popular for being the bass singer for the American pop boy band NSYNC, congratulates you for the launch of YouSat and encourages all the talented youth to seize this golden opportunity!

Watch the video here


One of the most famous rappers of all time, Redman, expresses his amazement with the idea of YouSat, and congratulates the ambitious Arab youth.

Watch the video here

Bassem Youssef

Bassem Youssef congratulates YouSat on their launch.

Watch the video here

And before YouSat finished its second week on air, the newspapers and magazines were already buzzing about the first Satellite Channel that opens the doors of stardom for all the talented people

Read the full Identity Magazine article here

There are 2 words that never meet, “YouSat” and “Boredom” 

While watching YouSat, you really can never expect what the next show will offer. Will it be a scary story, a new song you’ve never heard before? A magical act? A science experiment? A journey to a mysterious land? Or maybe a long lost friend sending you a message through the TV? The surprises never end. 

YouSat presents 19 unique segments, our unique schedule of “YouTimes” ensure the ultimate TV experience, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

There is always something happening at YouSat, but no one would have expected that just two months after launching, we would be preparing for the most exciting musical event in the Middle East and North Africa, the first annual “Battle of the Rock” music video competition!!

We have been enjoying all genres and flavours of music from all around the world, on our YouRock segment, and now its time to see them go head to head, to compete for YouSat’s $10,000 grand prize.

Not only that, but the winner will also take home some other prizes, including the “YouSat Gold Award”, a music video produced by YouSat, a marketing campaign on our social media and television channel, and of course bragging rights for being YouSat’s artist of the year throughout 2021!

The deadline for entering your song(s) into the competition will be on the 30th of November 2020, and the winners will be announced on New Year’s Eve.

At YouSat TV, we don’t forget our family & we want everyone to get involved in our first major annual contest.

Follow the tournament, watch the contestants battle it out, record your REACTION VIDEOS and send them to us.  We will air them throughout the tournament and on New Year’s Eve after the championship. YouSat TV will choose the BEST & most EXCITING FAN REACTION VIDEO & give them $500 (USD).

A Surprise for YouSat on its Server

One day, a mysterious file appeared on the YouSat server, we were shocked to find an amazing song about YouSat, “The Media War” by Amu Aziz. The whole song was talking about the vision and possibilities of YouSat, and it was obvious that the writer had really understood our vision, and was excited enough to write and record an amazing song about YouSat, in just the first days of the launch of the channel. We did not expect this beautiful gift, but we were so touched, that there were artists out there who truly understood and shared our dream of TV for everyone, no connections needed.

Our creative team rushed to put together a music video for the song, as it was uploaded with movie clips, that were under copyrights, and within a few short hours, we had produced our first original music video, for Amu Aziz’s song about YouSat “The Media War.”

Last October, the YouTimes schedule was truly entertaining, we saw some of the best and most talented content creators from the Middle East and North Africa on YouSat’s screen. By sharing their content, they made YouSat what it is today, innovative, inspiring, creative, colourful and fresh, so on this note we would like to congratulate everyone who participated with their work and content, which has achieved this great success. We would therefore like to take this opportunity to highlight some of the shining stars, who’s outstanding work really stood out on our YouTimes this month.

Aiisha Ramadan (YouHealth)

Aiisha Ramadan, a lebanese fashion designer and therapist, founder of the fashion brand Couture, shares her therapeutic sessions and her fashion ideas and tips here on YouSat. She won’t just lead you into the latest trends of fashion, but will help you relieve stress too. Enjoy the art of harmony with Aiisha Ramadan, here on YouSat!

Peter Melad (YouTech)

Peter Melad and his program, Techno Therapy, is a fan favourite here on YouSat.  If you’re interested in technology, mobile phones, useful accessories or mobile applications – then Techno Therapy is the program for you, airing during YouSat TV’s YouTech hour.

Mom’s Food (YouCook)

Who doesn’t love a good, delicious plate of Mom’s food? Mom’s Food is the cooking show that shares with you different kinds of home food recipes and how they are done. Find out the most delicious Oriental and Western home food recipes with Mom’s Food, here on YouSat!

Mayar Hani (YouStyle)

Meet Mayar Hani, a fashion enthusiast with a great passion in beauty as well. Mayar joins the YouSat family, sharing with us all her fashion and beauty suggestions and experiences. Check out Mayar now right here on YouSat.

Dr. Ehab Hamarneh (YouChange)

Dr. Ehab Hamarneh is an awareness teacher, trainer and energy alchemist. Through his journey, Ehab was able to break free of his victim mentality and insecurities to share his voice and message to the world

Youssef Magdi (YouTeach)

Youssef Magdi introduces ‘Zambaolak Keda’, an educational show which provides detailed information about different subjects in a very easy and understandable manner. From history to mystery to conspiracy, Youssef enlightens us about some subjects we might not be aware of. Join Youssef Magdi on his show, right here on YouSat!

Mohy Yasser (YouVlog)

Crowned the winner of Sadeem Season 2, Mohy Yasser is one of the most famous and creative Egyptian content creators. A musical artist and comedian, Mohy embarks on the YouSat journey and joins the YouSat family. Watch Mohy’s most famous and upcoming work here on YouSat!

Youssef Ahmed (YouLaugh)

A stand up comedian and actor, Youssef Ahmed joins the YouSat family and shares with us his comedy work. His hilarious jokes and comebacks makes him stand out, guaranteeing a fun time spent with family. Check out our YouLaugh segment and make sure you do not miss out on laughing out loud, thanks to Youssef’s work, here on Yousat TV!

Naser Hekaia (YouReport)

YouSat is proud to present the talented and entertaining Naser Hekaia, who will take you with him around the world with his wonderful stories. Naser knows how to take his audience on a journey around the world through the age-old art of storytelling. So tune in and join the journey, here on YouSat!

Yousef Frisca (YouFilm)

Yousef Frisca isn’t your average filmmaker.  In addition to directing, he is an actor, script writer, and casting director.  During the month of October, YouSat aired two outstanding works from Yousef — “The Cowries Magic Lady” and “A Dance for Life.”  Yousef Frisca is quickly making a name for himself in cinema.  Check out his excellent work right here on YouSat.

May Abdel Aziz (YouRock)

From Cairo, Egypt, May Abdel Aziz is a talented musician and singer that sings for love, peace and respect between the people. With so much hate in this world, she aims to spread the message of peace and love with her musical talent. We here at Yousat believe in supporting the message of love and harmony. So tune in to YouSat and witness the art of a noble cause being expressed through the sound of music. Check out May Abdel Aziz, right here on YouSat TV.

Hanine El Alam (YouDance)

One of the most versatile and charismatic oriental violinists in the present scene, Hanine is an exceptionally dedicated and gifted performer whose passionate artistry has been heard and embraced all over the Arab world. Hanine’s love and devotion for her love and devotion for her roots, blended with her passion for nature created an artist fuelled by harmony and consistency. With only a few strokes, the young violinist marries the east to the west giving birth to a new music genre that can only be heard when she performs.

Mohamed Gwely (YouFO)

Want to know real life crime stories? Or maybe mystery or drama or scary stories instead? Mohamed Gwely shares real life and fictious stories on his program “The Court” here on YouSat. Mohamed Gwely hosts the show and shares his stories to all lovers of mystery and horror out there.

Excitement never ends on YouSat. Just as the content creators and talents delighted us last month, an amazing schedule of programs awaits you in November…. If you are an outstanding content creator or talent, you can now contact YouSat to request a regular slot, either daily, weekly or bi-weekly! Check out our daily broadcasting schedule to find out about some of our regular content creators and other content that will air on YouSat

“Expressing yourself doesn’t come with a price anymore.

First time in the history of the world, a satellite channel without any directions, and in the hands of the youth!

Everyone has a chance. Everyone belongs. Thank you and the guys!”

Wissem Dallali

“I wish you success in your launch in the Middle East and North Africa, and I will be from your followers.

Hamza Mas’oud Almasha

“The best channel because it has the best artists! It’s only the best because of YOU! YouSat…the channel of the Arab Youth!”

Akram DZ

“I had the honor of working with the newest satellite channel that is 100% creative and for the youth. I am very happy to be part of this wonderful masterpiece”

Nassim El Boujouffi

“YouSat.TV is a movement that unlocks undiscovered potential of newcomer artists with a strong focus on diversity and inclusion. This is exactly what I was looking for and why I’ve submitted my latest music video “Monsters” to be considered in their “Battle of the Rock” voting! 

So, stay tuned, vote for your favourite music video and keep on watching YouSat.TV to support upcoming artists.” 

The Sultan 

A singer full of passion, and a spirit full of inspiration, and a message that brings joy, strength and positivity back into our lives… is the beautiful artist, May Abdel Aziz.

With her angelic voice and her humanitarian message, May touched the hearts, minds and lives of many.

She graduated with a degree in Mass Communications at the American University in Cairo in 2009 and then studied child psychology at UCLA in the US in 2011.

Today we got lucky to sit down with May Abdel Aziz, just days after her birthday, to delve deeper into the journey of this wonderful artist who made for herself a unique name and place in the world of Music.

  1. How did your singing career start?

I started singing around 2012, 2013. There was a few things that got me started, the first one was a song called, “Beautiful Mohammad” and it was a response to the movie that insulted the Prophet Mohammad pbuh, and in the midst of the world we live in today, I saw that our response should be peaceful, and music is the most powerful thing, and the best thing to express this, and it is the thing that unites us the most. I remember the next day I released the song, which was in English, because I wanted to reach out to non arabs or non arabic speakers, I started to receive messages from a lot of people, and from foreigners telling me that I made them change their way of thinking. At that time I went to a TV interview in Lebanon. And that’s when I realised that I could use my talent to say a lot of things. So music was for me a way to express myself, to express my feelings, and my thoughts and I can say that a lot of people were changed because of music. 

  1. What was your dream job when you were a child?

I really love sharks, especially great white sharks, so I always wanted to work in research with sharks. Like what I used to see on National Geographic and the research which they do on sharks. So that was one of the things I wanted to do

  1. Your latest single Ana Meen, was a big hit. What inspired this song?

I was trying to experiment, or to try something new, to reach out to a younger generation because we all struggle with the question, “Who am I?” “Do I know who I am?”

It also reflects an aspect of my personality. I love to spend time alone, even when I’m surrounded by people I love, but I also have my alone time. That’s why I said in the song that I am addicted to my alone time.

Spending time alone is very important to me.  It is possible to be alone and not be lonely and you can be surrounded by many people but still feel lonely. These were all feelings I wanted to express in a different way, in a darker way. 

I broke a mirror! I really enjoyed it!

  1. Tell us about a song that is especially close to your heart and why?

My two favourite songs are “Ashgaa Wahda” and “Athoobo Mahabba” and of course I love “Ghofranak” but “Ashgaa Wahda” is very personal, and every time a girl messages me and says that “this song changed me somehow” or “it helped me to get through a divorce, or an illness or something” it makes me feel like this was exactly the purpose of the song and I love “Athoobo Mahabba” because, I really love Sufism and spirituality, I love all the songs with this spiritual emotional element.

  1. Besides singing, you have embarked on other humanitarian initiatives. Can you tell us a bit more about them?

Thank you so much, I really like teaching through singing, I really see that teaching is a powerful way, through music, to impact kids, to impact children around the world.

I don’t just sing for the sake of singing. I sing to express myself, to express what’s inside of me and to observe the reflection of that around me and to see what kind of effect I can have through my music.

Alhamdulilah, it really makes me happy when I see this with the children. There’s a lot of artists that are working on good albums for children, important songs for the kids to know and to listen and sing along to.

  1. Tell us about a touching moment where you witnessed the impact of your message on someone?

I am touched by small messages that I get on Facebook and Instagram as well as the big things. For example when someone comes to me after a concert and tells me for example, the song “ Ghofranak” made me go back to being close to God, or the song “ Ashgaa Wahda” helped me go through a difficult divorce, or the song “ Irmy khofak” made me do this or that. I feel that all of my songs come from my heart, in every detail…every detail you imagine, I put my heart and soul into it. My whole heart goes into it 

The most touching moment is when someone who is very different to me, or who has a totally different religious direction or holds a completely different belief system, comes to me and tells me, this song made me think about this or that, or made me consider this or that.

I feel this is the beauty of music, that you can unite people even though they hold very different opinions in their lives.

This unity that happens through music is something I consider to be very beautiful. 

7. If you are not singing or teaching what would we be catching you doing?

If I am not singing or teaching I would be…Actually there are many things…many things that are very interesting.

For example I want to write a book, and this is something I am already working on.  I am also working on releasing my own cosmetics brand.  So there are a few things that I am working on, besides music of course.

And I want to open my own studio!

8.How do you balance fame and being a public figure with staying true to yourself and what you stand for?

Alhamdulilah, the level of fame that I have is not the out of control one where you can not even live your life normally anymore. I always say that anybody who reaches fame has to be psychologically aware of what is happening, as it really does warp your mind.

I pray to God to protect me from things like delusions of grandeur and to always keep me true to myself and close to my roots. I always remind myself to be grateful for everything and that I always know my roots as they say.

  1. If you can go back in time….what would 16 year old May back then say to May 2020 today?

Keep learning, keep growing. Keep educating yourself, keep growing, and life will keep teaching us all the time.  

I live with the principle “Everytime life teaches me, it shows me how little I know, and the more knowledgeable I become, the more I know how ignorant I am” -a statement by Imam El Shafey I think.

So as long as one is learning, he always discovers that he is still learning, and still needs to understand many things in life.

So I will always say to myself: keep learning…from people, from my mistakes, from the mistakes of those around me, from my work, from my singing, from my parents…

If you have this mindset of always learning and developing yourself, you would have won this world

10.If you had one way through which you could heal the world….what would it be?

Healing the world equals love. 

If you want to heal the world, let the people love one another even with their differences, I could be different than you but I love you and wish you well. We could all live in harmony together -as my father says- that we have social harmony between one another.  For example, if I’m parking my car, I should park it in a way that I leave space for the car next to me so they can open their door. If we think about these details on how not to be selfish and be considerate to the people around us, that is love.

11. As the first and only TV platform for content creators, what opportunities do you think YouSat offers to aspiring artists who are watching us now?

YouSat to me is a very nice idea, and an idea that made a big difference and that we really needed in this time, after technology and after everything has become online. It is so important to have a platform that connects TV with the internet, and that you can be the artist and you can share your work on TV and that it reaches the people and that you also don’t have all these huge hurdles to climb for your work to be featured on TV. As soon as I heard this idea I said I am with you.

Any artist that is starting, I think YouSat is the complete chance to show the world your work, and for your content to get promoted, and for you to have a place in the scene.

So thank you YouSat.

For the full interview with May Abdel Aziz, tune into YouSat’s YouRock hour!

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