Starting October 1, 2020

Let’s take a look at our “YouTimes” –  where we are broadcasting 24 hours a day, 7 days a week — CAIRO TIME (EET).

8am-9am (EET) | YouHealth

YouHealth is the home for your content on wellness for the mind body and soul.  Yoga, meditation, dietary and medical advice, healthy living, sports and more – YouSat broadcasts your health and wellness videos every day from 8am-9am (EET)

9am-10am (EET) | YouTech

Are you always checking out the latest in tech gadgets?  Have you been searching for a place to share your DIY projects and inventions?  YouTech is the place for you!  Every day from 9 am-10 am (EET), YouSat airs your content on technology, DIY, and inventions.

10am-11am (EET) | YouCook

Calling all foodies: this one’s for you! YouCook is the platform to share your food-related videos.  From kitchen tips and tricks to restaurant reviews, YouCook is the perfect place to share your favourite eats and treats.   

11am-12pm (EET) | YouStyle

It’s time for YOU to become a style icon.  On YouStyle, you can share your tips tricks and tutorials and everything from hair and make-up to fashion.  Every day from 11 am-12 PM (EET), only on YouSat.

12pm-1pm (EET) | YouChange

Every person has the power to be an agent of change.  On YouChange, share your voice and your content on issues ranging from climate change to education to gender equality, every day from 12 pm-1 pm (EET)

1pm-2pm (EET) | YouSell

Got something personal to sell? “YouSell” is the place for you! Every day from 1pm-2pm (EET), YouSat will allow everyone to come on Satellite TV and sell personal items, big or small…From your baby’s old crib to homes, cars, and land… you name it!

2pm-3pm (EET) | YouWish

Do you want to make a special birthday, graduation, or anniversary wish? Do you have a special someone in your life and want to propose to them in a way that no-one ever has before?! Then “YouWish” is your hour! From 2pm-3pm (EET), people from all over the region can send their well wishes and make important announcements or proposals to the people they love the most.

3pm-4pm (EET) | YouTeach

From 3pm-4pm (EET), we present YouTeach. This is the hour to inspire and inform.  Share your knowledge with the world.

4pm-6pm (EET) | YouVlog

Are you a traveller, an adventurer… a blogger? Vlogging has been big on the internet…but this isn’t YouTube, this is REAL TV. Upload your adventures here with us on “YouVlog”— and enjoy watching this beautiful Earth we live on in HD… every day from 4pm-6pm (EET).

6pm-7pm (EET) | YouLaugh

Are you a comedian that’s ready to take your comedy act from the stage onto real TV? Then YouLaugh is your hour.  Upload your stand-up comedy, movies and sketches — and we air them every day from 6pm-7pm (EET).

7pm-8pm (EET) | YouReport

Calling all you independent journalists, investigators, reporters, and anchors. Enough with the FAKE News! Inform the people of the real news — the real issues – from real people on YouReport. Every night from 7pm-8pm (EET).

8pm-12am (EET) | YouFilm

YouFilm cuts out the middle man and broadcasts your independent films, series and documentaries on TV.  Upload today and your work will be broadcast to hundreds of millions of homes in the region every day from 8pm-12am (EET).

12am-2am (EET) | YouRock

This is better than YouTube… this is better than Arab Idol… YouSat  has the power to give you your big break!  YouRock is the home for all underground and up and coming artists to share their music with the world every night from 12am-2am (EET).

2am-3am (EET) | YouDance

From belly dance to hip-hop all dance style are welcome.  Show off your moves on YouDance every night from 2am-3am (EET).

3am-4am (EET) | YouSpace

Do you have creative content, which can’t easily be defined?  YouSpace is your time — the happy hour of YouSat.  Every night from 3am-4am (EET), YouSpace is the hour dedicated to the unusual – to the happy and free – to the mysterious and the intriguing… with “YouSpace” – EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED!

4am-5am (EET) | YouFO

Share your other-worldly content on YouFO, the hour dedicated to the supernatural, the paranormal, the mysterious. Whether it’s djinn, aliens, conspiracies or cover-ups, YouFO airs it all, everyday from 4am-5am (EET).

5am-6am (EET) | YouTravel

Do you love to travel?  Do you traverse the globe with a camera in hand?  Now, you can broadcast your journeys with the world on YouTravel! Airing every day from 5am-6am (EET).

6am-7am (EET) | YouGive

Do you have more than you need? Do you want to give the ultimate charity? Do you have a house, a car, land, ANYTHING – that you want to give away to a family who are in dire need? Share your videos on YouGive, airing from 6am-7am (EET), and make peoples’ dreams come true.

7am-8am (EET) | YouToons

If you are an animator, have a passion to make kids programs, YouToons is the place for you to share your content with the world!  YouToons airs your original content every morning from 7am-8am (EET).