El Far3i الفرعي (5)

El Far3i | الفرعي

Profession: Songwriter, Rapper, Drummer, Producer
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With multi-fold projects in his music archive, El Far3i is a Palestinian and Jordanian songwriter, rapper, drummer, and producer from Amman, Jordan. Known for his dichotomous solo act El Far3i/ Far3 El Madakhil, he enmeshes Arab acoustic folk and hip-hop and continues to experiment sonically, evolving into the more recent forked axis, El Far3i Flux. This brand encapsulates the essence of both the versatility of styles and the complexity of ideas. It is a space within which a sense of freedom exists, enabling experimentations with different tools, instruments, and writing techniques… A vision rooted in the ideals of independence, yet branches out to reflect the journey. Those concepts race between censorship and exaggeration, concealing at times, and pushing hard at others.