1. Send us a link to your Channel or Page so we can download your videos and air them, or send links to specific videos that you want us to download and air.

2. Or upload your videos directly. Choose the segment to which your video belongs.



Your content on health and fitness for the mind, body and soul

Technology & DIY


All videos related to technology, gadgets, and DIY.

Cooking & Baking


All food related videos, from restaurant reviews to kitchen tips and tricks

Fashion & Beauty


Share fashion trends and tutorials (hair, makeup, jewellery, clothing)



For your videos on self-help, life-coaching, or causes and issues that you would like to share with the world

Business & Marketplace


Advice and insights from business experts and entrepreneurs, as well as raising funds for your business idea and selling your private properties or items

Personal Messages


Your place to reach out to a loved one (birthday wishes, marriage proposals, etc.)



Informative and educational content on all subjects



Share you life with the world!



The home for all your funny videos including stand-up comedy, sketches, etc.



Reports about arts, food, countries, societies, news, and more

Filmmaking & Films


All film and filmmaking related productions – independent films, special effects makeup tutorials, filming tutorials, movies reviews, you name it!



The platform for your music videos and performances



The place to showcase your moves – all dance styles welcome



For all of your creative videos that do not fit into any of our other categories



Unexplained phenomena, paranormal experiences, and conspiracy theories



Share your videography and photography skills. Let us see our beautiful planet through your eyes.



Making people’s dreams come true, and raising funds for someone in need.

Children's Shows


All cartoons and children’s programs

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