Why to broadcast your content on YouSat?

Express yourself on TV: Showcase your talent, communicate your inspiring ideas, or express your creative thoughts and content on Satellite TV in full HD.

Broader outreach: Reach hundreds of millions of people in the Middle East, North Africa, and parts of Europe and Asia. You will have access to hundreds of millions of homes despite any Internet limitations in the region. You will be reaching the online audience as well through our Live Stream. And you will be getting even more broader outreach to every continent on the planet in 2021, as YouSat will be broadcasting on TV to the entire world.

Join the movement: Participate in the first ever satellite channel to create a fusion between Internet and TV in media history, making YouSat the biggest step since the emergence of Social Media. YouSat turns Satellite TV into a social media app between your hands – that’s why YouSat has successfully attracted excellent and popular content creators from all around the world in less than two months from its launch.

Promote your online platforms for free: If you are a content creator on the Internet, YouSat can be instrumental in garnering more followers to your social media platforms. YouSat allows you to keep your online platform’s watermark, and to promote your online platforms with every time any of your videos air on YouSat. That is an ongoing free airtime and free advertisement for your online platforms on Satellite TV. How awesome is that?! YouSat also promotes the best content creators who joined onboard in different ways through its social media platforms and website.

Revenue opportunity: Content owners will be entitled to up to 60% of the ad revenue from the ads displayed during their exclusive videos’ airtime. Please check out our YouSat Pack Program for more information.


Access to celebrities: Access to a wider pool of celebrities and producers who will be watching YouSat in search for talents and/or attractive ideas.

Help others: By broadcasting your videos on YouSat you would be contributing in one way or another to development projects that could change the lives of and help the world’s poorest people. For more information please check out Our Commitments.

All the above is at absolutely no cost to the user.