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Coming from Lebanon, Hamorabi is a rapper, producer, beat-maker, mc and DJ.   He is considered to be one of the pioneers of the Levant scene and the Arab Hip Hop scene, Hamorabi has a style of his own.  He is one of the rare rappers to be able to perform perfectly in 3 languages — French, Arabic, and English.

Hamorabi has produced numerous studio albums including:

  • 2008 ”Funklore” – in collaboration with the Lebanese rap legend “Rayess Bek”.
  • 2011 “Ashurya”
  • 2013 “Malkut” in collaboration with DJ Tako (Austria)
  • 2015 “Mahdishtar” in collaboration with DJ Tako (Austria)
  • 2016 ”777″ in collaboration with DJ SALIGO (Strasbourg, France).

Hamorabi has produced Original Sound Tracks for films such as “Abu Rami” (2012) and “Asfouri” (2012)

Upcoming projects include:

  • Release of an album in French produced by the legendary INCH Beats
  • Two albums with American rappers RUSTE JUXX and GUILTY SIMPSON entirely produced by Hamorabi
  • Two compilations US rap and French Rap gathering big names in the underground and the mainstream.
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