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What Lebanese violinist Hanine El Alam has achieved over the course of what may convey the illusion of a swift span in time, transpires beyond the mere success onstage, owing to her vibrant performance that effortlessly combines harmonious choreography and dexterity in playing…

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More about Hanine:

While assiduity and determination to communicate her passion for music to her audience are the primary driving forces upon which her engrossing performance essentially rests, Hanine’s success as violinist stems not from sheer luck, but from a lifelong dedication to an instrument that shaped her identity with every cord her bow struck…

What began as a tale of love between a young girl and her instrument soon transpired and soared to heights she had never dared conceived of. For those of you familiar with her work, it was her track ‘Arabia’ that marked a turning point in Hanine’s career as it offered her key to the gates of international performance.

Here’s a synopsis of Hanine’s works and achievements:

– In 2017, she was presented with an award as Best Violinist at the Arab World Festival: .egypt in مهرجان الفضائية العربية

-A YouTube silver award as her track registered one of the highest scores in terms of viewership.

-She was featured on the cover of Brazilian Magazine Artium in 2018, and more recently on the cover of Dutch Orange-Star Magazine.

-In 2018: She performed in Las Vegas at the Paris Hotel and Casino

-In Feb 2019: the Ali Khan Bollywood film, shot in Hollywood featuring her Zendagi track which marked the very first violin performance shot under water, in spite of all the hindrances that such a performance entails.

-In April 2019: she performed with Ahmet Barran (a famous Turkish soloist) in a concert in Mersin, Turkey.

-In 2019, another award in Turkey for Best International Violinist.

-She also performed in Brazil with two concerts under her belt: one for the Brazilian Over Night Club in São Paulo, and one at the Monte Lebano club for the Lebanese community in São Paulo. Her portfolio includes performances in Cyprus and Jordan on a yearly basis, Portugal (2017), Congo (2018), Monte Carlo (2014), Hong Kong (2019), in addition to scores of corporate events, launchings, and festivals in Egypt, Dubai, London, Geneva, Bahrain, Oman, and naturally, all across Lebanon.

What essentially distinguished Hanine was the unconventionality in her performances, as she introduced voguing, a fusion of oriental dance and violin and a signature technique.